Kate Austin-Avon is an upstate New York artist and entrepreneur, and has been showing her textural, experimental watermedia artwork in the Glens Falls area since 2007.

Kate’s mixed media works are mainly created on Gesso, a primer that can be painted onto paper, wood, or other surfaces, and Yupo, a plastic paper that allows the color to slide over the top of it, delivering a challenge in release of control. Kate’s process is exploratory and historically has also been autobiographical, but she also works in abstract forms; some with deeper meaning and some that are purely playforms. Her additional painting tools include cling wrap, rubbing alcohol and locks of her own hair.

Museum-quality giclée prints of some pieces are available for sale. She also creates eco-friendly “Trashion” jewelry. Select pieces of Kate’s work can be seen in her Downtown Glens Falls web design, graphic design and marketing office.

Contact Kate: (518) 353-2121 or kate@kateaustinavon.net.